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Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico, Inc.

El Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico, Inc. es una organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a la promoción, educación y divulgación de la Historia y Cultura preferentemente, a la hispana puertorriqueña del siglo XVIII, hasta el siglo XIX inclusive.  Así también, y muy en especial en lo relacionado con las Recreaciones Históricas en Puerto Rico.

Text Box: "Commemoration of the 1797 British Siege and Defense of San Juan " - Brief Historical Background

Due to its strategic location, by the end of the XVIII century the fortified City of San Juan had evolved into a military bastion of the first order. On April, 1797 a powerful fleet of sixty ships under the command of Admiral Harvey and an expeditionary force under Sir Ralph Abercrombie of six to eight thousand troops comprised of British regulars, German mercenaries and West Indian units landed east of the city and advanced towards its first line of defense. 

For two weeks they laid siege to San Juan, but every attempt to assault from land and sea was foiled by a bravely executed defense led by Governor Ramón de Castro, with the support in every front of the Regimiento Fijo de Puerto Rico, the Disciplined Militias who marched from every corner of the Island to fight the besiegers, local civilians, French volunteers and by the very able artillerists who dueled for two weeks the combined fire power of this formidable force. On May 2, 1797, fearing to become the besieged, the British hastily reembarked in the middle of the night, leaving cannon, military equipment and ammunition in substantial quantities.